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Barnacle Barrier™ is your portable solution to in water boat hull Antifouling and in water boat Dry Storage. Boat Air Dock systems use to be the only portable dry docking solution for your boat, but because of Air Dock systems undependable use and dangerous unstable hazards, Barnacle Barrier™ was created!

Never before could you leave your boat in the water and still keep it dry! This incredible, easy to use/maintain anti fouling system is available today in the USA. This innovative solution to anti fouling was founded in Australia 10 years ago as a 100% eco friendly anti fouling alternative.

Boat Air Dock Alternative Use/Video

What is it?

Barnacle Barrier™ is portable like a boat air dock, but it is very different, much more user friendly, and 100% safe for you and your boat! Unlike a boat air dock, Barnacle Barrier™ is a low profile floating system with a flexible bottom barrier shield that encapsulates your boats hull bottom from surrounding water when you drive into it. It has a rear air gate the opens and closes to make this possible. Once your boat is inside the system, the water is then evacuated until the flexible bottom barrier shield forms to your boat hull similar to shrink wrap. This creates a dry storage environment for your boat while your boat is afloat! This inexpensive, easy to use, zero to low maintenance anti fouling system enables you to dock anywhere without the worry of barnacle damage, water slime, mussel growth, bottom fouling, hull and metal corrosion, hull water blistering and more without the need for an extremely inconvenient boat lift or boat air dock. Barnacle Barrier™ systems are made of materials that are extremely durable to the harsh marine world. Salt water, sea spray, harsh sun light, are all things that Barnacle Barrier™ is made to withstand. Most of the materials Barnacle Barrier™ systems are made of can last 100 plus years in salt water environments! Unlike a boat air dock, this system does not raise your heavy boat out of the water at all, keeping it in its most stable floating position. Boat Air Docks are very undependable, require constant air balloon monitoring, are unstable in wake or wind, and can risk damaging your boat or other boats bock next to it, or can risk sinking your boat if one balloon section deflates and puts your boat in a position where it is unstable and can roll over. Barnacle Barrier™ bottom shield is designed to resist and withstand hard bottom growth. The exclusive shield material is an interwoven Kevlar 29 reinforced composite polymer that can be brushed clean if need be by a boat bottom cleaning technician. These systems usually go untouched or years without any decrease in useability and function. Barnacle Barrier™, Simple, Affordable, Portable, Easy to Use, Durable!

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Boat Air Dock Alternative!